In choosing your dwelling,
    know how to keep to the

In cultivating your mind,
    know how to dive in the hidden

In dealing with others,
    know how to be gentle and kind.

In speaking,
    know how to keep your word.

In governing,
    know how to maintain order.

In transacting business,
    know how to be efficient.

In making a move,
    know how to choose the right

-Lao Tzu

NOVA Feng Shui

Right Place, Right Time

Good Feng Shui starts by attracting good energy flow and is a crucial step to creating a path to Good Fortune that can be paved by Common Sense or sometimes with less logical, more transcendental and Mystical mysteries. Let Krystyna W. Arthur introduce you to this ancient art.

The ancient art and science of space arrangements cn help you:

  • change family dynamics
  • prevent illness
  • help in recovery
  • find romantic love
  • find the right career path
  • accumulate goods
  • keep prosperity from leaking away
  • gain fame and social position
  • reduce the stress of daily routine
  • improve sleep
  • make your actions more effective
  • mitigate outrageous fortune
  • overcome blockages
  • avoid dead ends and wrong turns in life

All conditions of disharmony that appear to be limitations are the result of resistance to the natural energy force that flows through everyone and everything. The 3000 year-old Chinese art of placement helps us to understand this energy and to gain the fullest benefit with simple and practical rearrangements.

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