About Krystyna W. Arthur

I am an Anthropologist, Feng Shui expert and Pathfinder...

I have scientific temperament, but I am deeply spiritual. I rely on intuitive guidance as a channel for the Universe.By being mentally disciplined and trained in academic ways of thinking, I can synthesize diverse ideas from the past and present, giving me sharp vision in creating new perspectives for my clients. Connecting to Higher Intention helps me act swiftly and decisively to manifest my noblest ideas and highest aims: to be a mentor, to help a person towards liberation, to move onwards and upwards.

Krystyna Arthur

Krystyna W. Arthur was born and educated in Poland. She has a master's degree in cultural anthropology and finished her doctoral studies in sociology at the Polish Academy of Science in Warsaw. She also studied archeology and ancient history at Birmingham University in England.

Since settling in the U.S., she engaged in self-studies and seminars, workshops and conferences. She has been licensed as a Feng Shui practitioner since 1997 and is certified as a Qi-Gong and special abilities instructor.

As of 1998, Krystyna has held several live seminars and lectures, been a guest speaker on numerous radio talk shows and published many articles in local newspapers. Krystyna Arthur is a director of the Feng Shui School of New Awareness.

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