When one tugs at a
single thing in nature,
he finds it attached to
the rest of the world.
- John Muir -


Krystyna Arthur has been matching people to places for nearly 20 years. Let her put her years of experience, knowledge and insight to work for you and your business.

Feng Shui consultations on site or by phone or via internet

  • Space arrangement
  • Clearing old energies
  • One-on-One advice for buying and selling property
  • Creating sacred spaces
  • Finding beneficial dates and directions
  • Making adjustments for life's many situations
Consultations start as low as only an hour!

Please contact me for all your Feng Shui needs. You can reach me via email, or phone at (708) 351-9592. If you're still unsure if Feng Shui is right for you, please take the time to read through my testimonials.

Feng Shui for Realtors

If you have hard-to-sell listings or buyers who can't make a decision, make choosing easy and natural with Feng Shui.

Applying basic Feng Shui principles can cut your time and effort in half. The change is immediate, and the effect amazing. Clients will say "Yes" with greater ease and more often.

This seminar will give you simple yet powerful selling tools. It can increase Your productivity and cut your workload in half! This seminar can even be held for your convenience in your real estate office. 10 people minimum.
Krystyna W. Arthur

P.S. Ask realtors in other states, i.e. California, Arizona, New York, Florida, Canada, etc. They all cooperate with Feng Shui experts! It's coming to the Midwest. Be Prepared!

A unique Feng Shui wellness program that provides certification for realtors and benefits for new home owners

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