The house on Berteau was a real challenge! It's great to know that someone is out there thinking of your success when you have to go to work every day and don't especially have the time to supervise or develop a property AND need it sold yesterday. After about 3 months of sitting on this property and paying the mortgage, etcA thing called Feng Shui came up. She suggested to use a "Feng Shui Specialist"; I said ok. After my wife made the appointment with you, things started to change rapidly. I remember it was the July 4th weekend, two weeks after you went through the property that we started to actually get qualified people interested in the site. After 1 month we had closed the transaction with an unbelievable surplus!

I still don't understand "Feng Shui" but I tell all my friends that it's really a "mystery to me but it obviously worked for us".

I know my wife has referred the services of Krystyna's Feng Shui practice almost everywhere she can. As for me, I am no longer a skeptic.

Thank you for your help, expertise and professionalism Krystyna!

Tom Stergiannis

The way we met Krystyna was through a personal referral. It was at an important time because we were having an extremely difficult time trying to sell our house. In desperation, I called a friend and asked her if she'd ever heard of Feng Shui for the selling of houses. She highly recommended Krystyna and I called her the same day. Krystyna came over and began on the outside of the home and made her way through the inside as well. I immediately followed her instructions to the 'T' and within 3 weeks the home was finally sold. We not only had one offer, we had two offers to choose from! In fact, we called Krystyna again to Feng Shui our new home and give special attention to our daughter's room who has a slight case of asthma. She only uses her inhaler now just before she goes to her karate class and just a few weeks ago she told us that she "really didn't need it last time". And when we open our new office in two months she will Feng Shui that space as well. We are thrilled to recommend Krystyna to everyone we know.

Most Sincerely,
The Alexander Family

I must say that I`m about to think that Fang-Shui is a real deal. I was skeptical at the beginning to even meet with Krystyna. But, after talking with her over the phone, I decided to give her a shot and ask her to Feng Shui my office. The job she did was outstanding on many levels. Now my office looks friendly, pleasant, and I would say, it has his own 'living vibration'. I feel great and probably that energy somehow is transferred to my clients as well. Everything seems to be going easier! I never believed in things like Feng-shui, but after working with Krystyna I will recommend her service to everybody just so they can experience that 'positive energy' on their own.

Robert Wasiak,
real estate agent.

Krystyna first did a Feng Shui consultation with me in early spring of 1998. My apartment and dental office were rearranged. In that time I struggled with specific issues in my life, privately and in business. After the Feng Shui changes started happening, and some of my most difficult issues were resolved. My perception on other issues changed drastically as well. I can say in all honestly that Krystyna's knowledge and ability to find solutions helped me to change my life and achieve many important goals. Recently, more changes were needed when I bought my house, and with Krystyna's help I followed again the Feng Shui rules and instruction. In the fall of 2004 my office was now changed completely. With Feng Shui's instruction I have achieved new heights in my personal and business endeavors. In conclusion, I, as a professional, appreciate Krystyna's integrity, knowledge and honesty, and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Sincerely Yours,
Dr. Elizabeth Strzelecka D.D.S

I was starting new business, working from home, and it was not going the way I expected. After hearing an interview with Krystyna Arthur on the radio, I made a phone call to the station, got Krystyna's number, and made an appointment for a Feng Shui consultation. The changes we made were radical, especially colors and placements. It was a process lasting nearly 2 months before I had completed all the changes and adjustments. Krystyna was always available for questions and information, patiently guiding me through the process of restoring harmony not only to my business, but also to my family. If your life is not flowing, if you feel stuck, if you have family problems - call Krystyna and let her lead you to harmony and fulfillment.

Urszula Sobota,
4Life Independent Distributor

The biggest surprises came after you did feng shui in my home. My husband and I were going through some rough times in our relationship. That's why I decide to give you a call. For last 4 months there wasn't a week without a fight - it seemed like we had hit rock bottom. A few weeks after your visit we had noticed that we are not fighting anymore. Also another change took place. So far we used to spend weekends in each other company and all of sudden our social life just sparkled! Now for a change each weekend we go to visit some new friends! We both noticed the change but it was my husband who, as you may remember, was very reluctant to 'hocus-pocus'. But as you said, "I guess fung shui works after all, whether you believe it or not!"

Thank you again. It was a pleasure working with you.

Anna Tyczynski
Ania's Wellness Studio
1545 Waukegan Rd # 3
Glenview, IL 60025
(773) 510-0867

Dear Krystyna,

I just wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for your work. When I asked around I was clear that you had the best recommendations. I was so relieved when I found out that working with you is all about cooperating. You made your suggestions and EXPLAINED WHY you want to change this or that. It was so much easier to accept the change. Does fung shui work? Well I can tell you this: almost every new client who comes to my office says with amusement, "Your office is really warm and cozy, it has this angelic energy!" I would have never come up with the ideas you did. Maybe the most important thing is that everyday I am there I feel the energy, light and love - and therefore so do my clients!

Thank you again for creating this healthy work environment for me! Your feng shui also brought prosperity into my business. I cannot complain about my first year in business!

Dear Ms Chris Arthur,

I was having a throbbing pain in my groin muscle and I was instructed by you (you didn't know about my pain) to rearrange my bedroom according to the feng shui method and in two days my pain completely disappeared!!!

Yours sincerely
Barbara Ziemlo

Testimonials from our last Feng Shui workshop:

''I need to learn more about this phenomenal art and science. Just the basic things I heard today made me understand how significantly I can change my life.

''Thank you for having created this opportunity for harmony available so easily for all of us. We need regular classes!

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